Knowing Now Moves Us

OUR MISSION: Knowledge empowers us to navigate through life’s choices and decisions. With devices that provide real-time, definitive results and solutions; at Satio we work together to help global communities act on these insights with confidence.

About Satio

Satio is dedicated to providing technology solutions for diagnostics and therapeutics to the consumer everywhere in the world. Satio is an emerging biotechnology firm that is transforming traditional blood collection, diagnostics, and drug delivery. The company’s patch portfolios enable simple, low-cost, convenient, and virtually painless solutions, and allow for improved workflow, better access, and faster clinical decisions.

Satio is a privately held company with headquarters in Boston, MA. We partner with pharmaceutical companies for intradermal drug and vaccine delivery, with laboratories for blood collection for LDT testing, and with lateral flow and biosensor diagnostic companies.

Satio Leadership Team

Namal Nawana

Executive Chairman & Founder

Sharad Joshi

President & CEO

Tim Feeney

Chief Financial Officer

Debbie Rogers

Head of Human Resources

Michael Moniz

VP Engineering

Mike Robbat

General Counsel

Sapphiros Leadership

Namal Nawana

Executive Chairman & Founder

Mark Gladwell

CEO Sapphiros
CEO Biocrucible
Board Member

Niall Armes

CTO Sapphiros
CSO Biocrucible
Board Member

Rebecca Legare

Vice President of Regulatory & Quality